The Community Leadership & Research Institute (CLRI), launched in 2020, is a leading-edge program designed to fill capacity gaps which hinder inclusive development. The Institute aims to equip young adults from diverse backgrounds in three key areas – social science, management and leadership, and research. Graduates of CLRI will be prepared to foster a culture of good governance and sustainable development through strong management and evidence-based decision-making.

This course introduces students to human resource management and how to be a good employer for small businesses and organizations.

This hands-on course will give students an opportunity to write their research report under the supervision of their research instructors

This course introduces students to financial management for NGOs and non-profit organizations

This course takes a critical approach to development studies, and to the development sector

The course introduces students to the field of peace and conflict studies and will equip students with conflict analysis skills and understanding of negotiation and mediation.

This course introduces students to international relations and focuses on the interconnectedness of the world today, and the impact other countries have on Myanmar.

This course introduces students to community development and community organizing for social change. It briefly looks at theory but focuses on practical strategies for social change. It encourages students to consider long-term strategies for change rather than disjointed direct action or service provision and promotes individual and collective responsibility for resolving social issues. Students will learn from case studies and stories of change and resistance and will also explore issues of power, class, gender, race, and ethnicity.